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NEW!! FOR FALL 2014 ---> iPhone and iPad for Photographers

NEW!! FOR FALL 2014 ---> The New Pages 5 and Keynote 6 for Mac 

NEW!! FOR FALL 2014 ---> Smart Phones and Their Applications 




Instruction In Italian

Impariamo, Parlando l'Italiano! (Learn Italian by Speaking Italian) - Sandro Cuccia

Photography on Your iPhone and iPad 

iPhone and iPad for Photographers - Sandro Cuccia

Mac Courses

(M04) Computer Lab for Novices - Andy Feiring

(M01) Digital Photo Editing Lab for Mac - Ron Yabroff, Jerry Hapka, John Callaghan

(M02) iBooks and Web Design Templates - Mary Lewis and Sally Stier

(M03) iPhoto Slow and Easy - Robert Ehrlich and Jerry Hapka

(M05/M06) Working with Mac OS X (10.9 Mavericks) - Tom Del Pesco

(M07) The NEW Pages and Keynote for Mac (Pages 5 and Keynote 6) - Sandro Cuccia

Mobile Computing

(N04) Smart Phones and Their Applications - Jerry Lucas and Sandro Cuccia

Digital Photo Editing Lab

Digital Photo Editing Lab - Workshop File Library

Extra-Curricular Activities

(X01) Apple Users Group (for iOS and Mac users) - Facilitated by Sandro Cuccia



 Sandro writes a weekly How-To column

for iOS, iDevice and Mac at The Mac Observer